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Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2019 - Samurai Black edition

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Productnummer: 14 51 70
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Forging a katana is a precise kraft, leaning close to a juwellery. The blade of the sword is made of the strong tamahagane steel that's being curved using specific processes. The handle and the shaft are made of Magnolia wood. Finally the handle is also coated in stingray leather and finished with gemstones.

"Cultivate both your Spirit and wisdom" is what the quote engraved in the cap of the Black edition reads. The quote is by the hand of Miyamoto Musashi. For Samurai, the development of your intuition is as important as intellectual enrichment. Miyamoto Musashi is seen as one of the most mythical samurai in history. A fearsome warrior with endless wisdom. He wrote the iconic Book of Five Rings - named after the five zen rings: earth, wind, fire, water and the void - which is seen by all samurai after Musashi as a secret book, a real Samurai code. The quote engraved in this pen is one of the fundamental thought of the Japanese warriors.

The design of the Black Edition's body is based on the armour of the Japanese warriors. The lines in the painted body are engraved and plated with 24ct gold by hand. The created relief has a very tactile effect on the body. On the endcap waves are engraved by lasers, just like they're illustrated in the Book of Water, one of the chapters in Musashi's Book of Five Rings. The waves represent the flowing, supple, almost dancing-like motions a Samurai makes during a sword fight. The grip of the pen is, just like the Magnolia Wood edition of the 2019 Pen of the year designed like the handle of a katana and forged by hand. And also the cap and endcap are like the ones on the Magnolia Wood pen: he top of the cap is adorned with a real tamahagane steel inlay, forged by a Japanese smith using the authentic processes. The inlay is engraved with the Japanese sign for 'Samurai'. The sign is finished with a 24kt gold plating. The endcap of the pen reads 'Tsuba' or 'Handguard' in Japanese, referring to the guard on a katana which separates the blade from the handle and protects the hand during battle.

- Painted steel body
- Body engraved and plated with 24ct gold by hand
- Wave pattern on the endcap is lasered
- Grip is forged by hand and is based on the design of a real katana
- Cap has a tamahange steel inlay
- Cap and endcap are titanium plated en PVD coated
- 18kt gold nib , ruthenium plated
- Fountain pen with M nib, only 330 pieces spread throughout the world