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Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2019 - Samurai

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Productnummer: 14 51 60
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Forging a katana is a precise kraft, leaning close to a juwellery. The blade of the sword is made of the strong tamahagane steel that's being curved using specific processes. The handle and the shaft are made of Magnolia wood. Finally the handle is also coated in stingray leather and finished with gemstones.

Just like the handle and the shaft of the Japanese longsword, this pen is made of precious magnolia wood which is painted, sanded and polished several times to get this perfect result. A qoute is engraved in the body and plated with 24ct gold: "Today I win against myself of yesterday". The quote is by the hand of  Miyamoto Musashi. He's seen as one of the most mythical samurai in history. A fearsome warrior with endless wisdom. He wrote the iconic Book of Five Rings - named after the five zen rings: earth, wind, fire, water and the void - which is seen by all samurai after Musashi as a secret book, a real Samurai code. The quote engraved in this pen is one of the fundamental thought of the Japanese warriors.

The grip of the pen is forged by hand and is based on the look of the handle of a katana. The top of the cap is adorned with a real tamahagane steel inlay, forged by a Japanese smith using the authentic processes. The inlay is engraved with the Japanese sign for 'Samurai'. The sign is finished with a 24kt gold plating. The endcap of the pen reads 'Tsuba' or 'Handguard' in Japanese, referring to the guard on a katana which separates the blade from the handle and protects the hand during battle.

- Magnolia wood body, finished with 24ct gold plating
- Steel grip, Forged by hand
- Cap with a tamahagane steel inlay, finished with 24ct gold plating
- Cap and endcap are ruthenium plated
- 18ct white gold nib, ruthenium plated
- Fountain pen with M nib, only 400 pieces spread througout the world