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Graf von Faber-Castell Bentley Centenary Fountain Pen - Limited Edition

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Productnummer: 141810
Merk: Graf von Faber-Castell
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Classical elegance, a passion for precision and an un mistakable design. Luxury brand Bentley and Graf von Faber-Castell share the passion and power to make products of unprecedented quality. This common quality brought both brands together to a beautiful cooperation. The result are pens and accessories that combine the most iconical features of both brands.

Start the engines for an exceptional writing experience! For the brand's 100th birthday, Bentley provides every car made in 2019 with a pure gold lining around the head of the gear shift. Graf von Faber-Castell wanted to do something special as well for it's new partner in crime's birthday and releases a limited edition of it's Bentley pen collection. The new Bentley Centenary is coated with the stylish anthracite PVD coating and, in addition to the cars, the B on the cap is ornated with a 24ct golden lining.

- Cartridge/converter filling system
- Stainless steel nib with pdv coating 
- De metal barrel is ornated with a guilloche diamond pattern
- Trims and body completely PVD-coated
-  Cap has Bentley logo, ornated with a 24ct ornated lining and has a Spring loaded clip
- Available with nibs M, F, EF en B and al roller or ballpen